Thursday, October 31, 2019

Data Communications Bluetooth Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Data Communications Bluetooth - Essay Example Therefore, the low transmission rate has always been a serious issue in wireless technologies and especially in case of Bluetooth it has posed serious concerns for communication scientists. However, the advancements in the areas of signal quality and strength, compression algorithms and wireless technologies have resulted in faster communications and popularity of wireless communications generally and Bluetooth technology in particular. Symmetric vs. Asymmetric & Speed There are basically two types of digital communication in Bluetooth technology; asymmetric and symmetric. In asymmetric communication, only one device transmits at a given time, whilst in symmetric communication both Bluetooth devices are transmitting information simultaneously. The technology offers different bit rates for both types of transmission. In asymmetric communication the bit rate is slightly more than 2178.1 kb/s using the Bluetooth standard 2.0, which was introduced in 2004. Symmetric communication reduces this rate to approximately 1306.9 kb/s (Huang & Larry, 2007). However, these transmission rates are not available in practical scenarios where wireless communication is affected by the distance and obstruction between communicating devices, noise in the environment, protocols being used and many other factors. The Bluetooth 2.0 Standard Bluetooth technology has considerably advanced since the introduction of 2.0 standards in 2004. Now, it is a much more reliable and robust wireless technology. â€Å"Bluetooth uses a standard 2.4 GHz frequency so that all Bluetooth-enabled devices will be compatible with each other. The only drawback of Bluetooth is that, because of its high frequency, its range is limited to 30 feet.† (Techterms,... Historically, â€Å"The word "Bluetooth" is taken from the 10th century Danish King Harald Bluetooth.† The exploratory work on Bluetooth technology was initiated by mobile phone company Ericsson in 1994. Owing to its ease of use, security, availability and affordability Bluetooth technology has gained rapid fame among hardware manufacturers and the masses. The technology has now become almost a default feature in all hardware devices that supports digital communications, like laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, computer networks, etc. The major benefits offered by Bluetooth technology include: short range radio wave, inexpensiveness, availability, ease of use and configuration, high speed, multiple communication channels and security mechanisms. Sobh observes, â€Å"Bluetooth is a low cost and short range, and low power radio technology.† These benefits make the technology attractive for both personal and commercial uses, like direct and personal marketing and advertising in an area with high footfall or shopping plaza. Amor declares: â€Å"Future aspirations for Bluetooth are unstoppable because of the acceptance it has received from many big companies.† Bluetooth offers easy bridging among multiple hardware technologies and can offer quality solutions for a high-tech, fast moving world.

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