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Jack London The Call Of The Wild - 550 Words

Jack London: The Call Of The Wild Well the main character is buck. He was born on a judge’s ranch in Mexico. He was the king of the ranch, everyone loved him. Them one day a gardener took him for a walk, and he was sold. He fought the man that bought him; he was stuffed in a cage. Buck is a huge half breed saint Bernard, and Scottish shepherd. He Is sent to Alaska and sold for a sled dog. He goes through several different owners. The story takes place in the late 1800’s, during the gold rush. During this time one of the only methods of travel was by dog sled. So everyone was sending dogs to the Klondike to sell. Buck was one of many dogs stolen and shipped up to be sold. Many dogs didn’t make it but others did and they were ran to death. Buck learned quickly what was expected of him. He knew that he would be beaten. Not only did he have to worry about his owners beating him but the other dogs. They kept each other in line and moving while in the traces. His first to owners ran him over 2500 mile s. Then the third owner ran him more. The next owners had no idea what they were doing. The dogs would not work for them inspite of severe beatings. Finally john Thornton stepped in and threatened the mans life if he laid another hand on the dog. He then took the dog from him; the rest of the team was drove on by the men just to fall threw a river and die. Buck was aloud to rest and gain his weight back. John Thornton became his best friend. On several occasions buck savedShow MoreRelatedCall Of The Wild By Jack London1448 Words   |  6 PagesCall of the Wild is a novella written by Jack London that is ironic about life and the way we look at it. We look at life as humans and other things are just living in our world, that nothing else has a say in the world because we do not speak the same languages. Example of this is how we â€Å"own† dogs, cats, horses, etc; we do not â€Å"own† them, they are their own being with goals of their own. We may not be able to underst and what they are saying or what they are thinking, but as London explains throughoutRead MoreThe Call Of The Wild By Jack London802 Words   |  4 PagesThe novel The Call of the Wild is written by Jack London. The novel is known as an adventure fiction; it is known as an adventure fiction because it is based on an adventure by London, but is put into a fictional reading. This novel is told about a dog and his life struggles, but it is based on an adventure taken by London. This novel is important to us because it gives us an insight on how important it is to fight for what you want, and defend your place in life. The theme of this novel is to workRead MoreThe Call Of The Wild By Jack London1396 Words   |  6 PagesThe Call of the Wild is a novel by Jack London, and is a very interesting fiction novel that contains elements of happiness, sadness, failure, and triumph(with a hint of anger). This book shows the strong bond between man and beast, and helps the reader understand th e strong loves shared(and lost). This book can show how change affects someone, and how it can affect the people around them. This book has a lot of important morals, which can teach the reader patience, sorrow, and true compassion. TheRead MoreJack London and His Call of the Wild1150 Words   |  5 Pagesof the parts of his nature that were deeper than he, going back into the womb of Time. - Jack London, The Call of the Wild, Ch. 3 (Jack London Quotes). This quote summarizes the success of Jack London’s writing career in one simple sentence. London’s success and inspiration for his naturalist style can be accredited to the way in which he was raised, and his experiences during his lifetime. Jack London, was born John Griffith Chaney on January 12, 1876 near San Francisco, California. His motherRead MoreCall Of The Wild By Jack London1386 Words   |  6 Pages Two of Jack London’s most famous stories are Call of the Wild and To Build a Fire. Call of the Wild is a novel about a dog named Buck, who is stolen away from his home in California and sold in Canada to become a member in a dog sled team. Then Buck learns the law of club and fang, and he becomes the leader of his team and eventually breaks away from captivity to become a wild dog roaming forest. To Build a Fire, on the other hand, is a short story about a man who is traveling through Canada inRead MoreThe Call of the Wild, by Jack London985 Words   |  4 PagesLondon introduces the only other companion for the man on the trip, the dog—a native husky with a heavy coat of fur, which has adapted to survive the dangers of the cold wilderness. Unlike the man, the dog does not have a â€Å"sharp cons ciousness of a condition of very cold such as was in the man’s brain,† but instead the â€Å"brute had its instinct† (London 630). London contrasts the man’s intelligence with dog’s instinct, which doesn’t use human measurements to show temperature. The man pities the dogRead MoreThe Call of the Wild by Jack London Essay1143 Words   |  5 PagesThe Call of the Wild by Jack London The title of the book is The Call of the Wild and was written by Jack London in 1903. He was the son of an Irish-American astrologer and his mother was Flora Wellman, the odd one out of a well to do family. They lived a life of poverty in Pennsylvania. Jack read a lot and at the age of fifteen left home and travelled around North America as a tramp. On charges of vagrancy, he spent 30 days in prison. After educating himself he managedRead MoreSummary Of The Call Of The Wild By Jack London1908 Words   |  8 Pages Ms. Stone English 10 H 11 November 2016 Journal Entry #1: The Call Of The Wild, by Jack London 1. Section Summary A large dog, named Buck, lives on a big estate in the heart of Santa Clara Valley. While in the midst a famous gold rush in Klondike, Canada, many men need sled dogs to get around on the snow. Buck does not realize the great fear that he is in while living during this time. Manuel, a gardener on the estate that Buck lives on, gambles Buck to another man and loses. Buck beginsRead MoreAnalysis Of Jack London s The Call Of The Wild 1306 Words   |  6 Pagesdifferent literary movements. Authors choose the writing style they want, and whether or not to be in a movement. Jack London was one of these authors. He chose to be a part of the naturalism movement. Naturalism is a literary movement with the belief that humans and animals being shaped by their environment. He then chose to use indirect discourse in one of his most popular books The Call of the Wild. Free Indirect Discourse is when the reader knows the thoughts of the main character while having a thirdRead MoreWilderness in Ca ll of the Wild by Jack London Essay573 Words   |  3 PagesSymbolism Many of the characters in The Call of the Wild symbolize specific qualities. One example of this is Mercedes. She represents greed and being spoiled. Mercedes enters the wilderness clueless to what toll it will take on her. â€Å"†Undreamed of!† cried Mercedes, throwing up her hands in dainty dismay† (73). This quote shows that she was expecting (and hoping) for a more pampered way of life out in the Klondike. Mercedes could also represent the unpreparedness of most of the people going to

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