Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Effective Manager Cw3 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Effective Manager Cw3 - Coursework Example The mangers are responsible for the optimum utilization of resources in order to achieve the goals of the organization. Management is a set of activities which is directed towards the resources of the organization with a aim of achieving the required goal in an effective and efficient manner. In general a successful organization comprises of both effective as well as efficient mangers. In the competitive world managers tends to face new as well as interesting and challenging situations. The average working time is about 60 hours per week and has a huge demand place upon the mangers time and at the same time faces complexities due to globalization, completion, government regulations and other uncertainties. The job role of a manger is unpredictable and filled with challenges but it is also filled with opportunity which has the potential to make difference. Good managers have the potential to bring in success in the organization (Griffin, 2011, p.4). ... The quality and effective management styles of the mangers can determine the organizational culture, productivity of the staff and success or failure of the organization (Francis, 2012). Characteristics of Effective Management An effective manger is one who makes the right decisions and successfully implements the decisions. However there are many different characteristic that a manger should posses for the effective working of the organization. But according to me the most important characteristic for a manger should be a good team player and time management should be the next important characteristic for an effective manger. A team builder can be defined as a person who is strong and provides the required substance which holds the team together towards achieving the set goals and objectives (Francis, 2012). At the same time effective time management skills are important for mangers to perform the task. I would like to emphasis more on the aspect of time management. Literature defin itions With respect to the definition of time management, there are many different definitions as per different authors. However most of the authors referred to Lakein (1973) who said that time management involve a process which determines the need sets the goals which are to be achieved, planning and prioritising the task which are required in the process of achieving the goals. Therefore according to Elacqua and Jex, 1999; Davis, 2000; Macan, 1994, 1996; Macan et al., 1990; Mudrack, 1997) time management has been referred to as a technique used to manage time; a technique which can be used for effective use the many different task which are required Orpen, (1994) Slaven and Totterdell, (1993); Woolfolk & Woolfolk, (1986); according to

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